Business Made Simple

Everything you need to know to grow a business and become a more confident professional

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To increase revenue and be a more valuable professional...You have to MASTER the basics of business.

But here is the problem. You feel...

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    There’s information overload
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    What you’ve tried so far isn’t working
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    Nobody has given you a plan
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    You’re leaving growth up to chance
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    Most training tools are boring and ineffective
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    Developing yourself is expensive

Everything you need to know to

grow a business

Business Made Simple

Every Course Makes It Simple To Master Key Business Skills


Hero On a Mission

Too many people leave their life up to fate and don’t have clear direction on where their life is going. Hero On A Mission will help you create a life plan and use a daily planner that will keep you focused and ultimately, ensure you experience a deep sense of meaning in life.

Communication Made Simple

Most communication campaigns are ignored because they don’t follow a specific formula. This course teaches you how to clarify your communication so your audience engages with and responds to your message. When you follow the framework then execute, you’ll have what you need to make any communication campaign a success.

Mission Statement Made Simple

Your employees are disengaged because they don’t have a clear vision. Learn how to craft an inspiring mission statement that gets your team excited for work in the morning.

Marketing Made Simple

You’re wasting an enormous amount of money on marketing that doesn’t work. Learn how to create a 5-part sales funnel that generates more revenue for your business.

StoryBrand Messaging Framework

You don’t know how to explain what you do in a way that draws people in. Learn how to eliminate confusion from your messaging so customers finally listen and buy.
Emotional IQ

Enneagram Made Simple

Workplace drama is hurting morale and stealing your focus away from the most important things in your business. To create a thriving culture, your entire team needs to increase their self-awareness. Learn to better understand yourself and others with the Enneagram.

Made Simple

You’re losing out on revenue because your proposal doesn’t show the value you deliver. This course helps you create a 7-part proposal that will increase your conversion rate and win more deals for your business.
your plan

Start Growing Your Business

Take the guesswork out of winning at business with a customized plan and online leadership training—that actually works.

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Grow your business by mastering crucial business skills

"I've spent thousands on [other] business courses and I don't think I've fully completed any of them. There's way too much information. I'm excited to finish each BMSU module because you've made learning simple."
Michelle Griffin
Investment Plans

A plan for all businesses.

Coaching is an investment in yourself. Change takes time. There is not overnight success. So, we ask for a 12 month commitment. We are so confident that if you don’t see a return on your investment in your first 100 days, we will give your money back. There is no risk in requesting an invitation today!

Self Guided Training

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Choose from either the Business Made Simple track or The Value Builder track
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    Customized Plan
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    Video Lessons
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    Ask a Coach open chat sessions
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    Access to exclusive toolbox

Advisory Groups

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Join a mastermind community to support you in achieving your personal and business goals
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    Self-guided Training +
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    Monthly 1 on 1 coaching
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    Monthly 1/2 Community Day
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    Exclusive Community Activities

Executive Coaching

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Accelerate your growth through deep one-on-one consulting.
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    Self-guided Training +
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    26 coaching sessions per year
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    Annual Financial Review
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    Special Gift

You're in good company.

Hi, I’m Jonathan. Having consulted with hundreds of small business owners and doubling our family’s jewelry business, I understand the challenges of owning and operating a growing business. Additionally, having pursued dozens of acquisitions, I have seen first-hand how buyer and seller expectation derail so many deals regardless of size.

One thing I’ve discovered for certain is that isolation, fear, and mindset keep so many owners from achieving their goals.  Most owner are so involved in day-to-day operations as well as so many other tasks, it can feel impossible to work on your business. They are caught in the owner’s trap.

That’s why I started Soko Ventures - to make growing and realizing value from your company attainable. I believe in people who own great businesses. They change people’s lives, their communities, and the world. Building and growing your business should not be agonizing. It should be an exciting journey!

So request and invitation today, and let’s chat about your challenges and find out how partnering with Soko Ventures can help you reach your goals and breakout of the owner’s trap.

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