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8 Week Growth Accelerator Program for Business Owners

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Take your business to the next level

This intensive program will challenge you to think about the critical actions items you need to accomplish in order to accelerate growth and build a more valuable business.
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Build Vision, Prioritize Action

Work ON Your Business

  • Benchmark your current business
  • Identify your most scalable products and services
  • Maximize your growth while minimizing risk
  • Discover6 transactions types and 9 business models for creating recurring revenue
  • Define a defendable market position
  • Minimize the company's dependence on you personally
  • Identify hidden risk in your business
  • Increase the number and quality of recurring revenue streams
  • Predict your future growth rate
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Your Soko Growth Accelerator Program Includes:

only $1,000
All the areas you need to consider when building a valuable, growing company.
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    Access to Value Builder system platform and Toolbox with 15 through provoking frameworks
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Building an enduringly profitable business with the Soko Growth Accelerator Program. During the eight weeks, you will gain knowledge to bring compounding growth to your company.

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Discover new growth horizons

Be challenged to grow. Your hard work combined with our learnings will enable you identify the critical action items you need to build a valuable, growing company.

deep dive into topics

Eight-week Program Schedule

Each week the group will take a deep dive into one of the value building topics. You will discover new ideas and identify action item you can apply to grow your business.
  • 1
    Week 1: Scalability - April 8
    Identify your products and services with the potential to scale up the fastest and develop a road map to help grow your company while minimizing its dependence on you personally.
  • 2
    Week 2: Customers - April 15
    Deploy a customer satisfaction survey predictive of your company’s growth rate and benchmark your results against the most successful and fastest growing companies in the world.
  • 3
    Week 3: Growth - April 22
    Maximize your growth potential by pinpointing your product and service lines with the highest potential to grow your company with the least risk.
  • 4
    Week 4: Recurring Revenue - April 29
    Identify opportunities for annuity revenue in your business, smooth out demand, and improve cash flow and profitability. Assess operating metrics used in a subscription-based company to calculate the relationship between the Life Time Value of a subscriber and Customer Acquisition Costs.
  • 5
    Week 5: Monopoly Control - May 6
    Review your company’s positioning in the market, isolating the attributes and qualities of your business that give you a defendable market position. Identify which marketing messages give you the highest degree of differentiation from your competitors and are also most meaningful to customers.
  • 6
    Week 6: Hub & Spoke - May 13
    Minimize your company’s dependence on your personal everyday involvement by surveying your employees and identifying areas where additional training, systems or processes are needed.
  • 7
    Week 7: Switzerland Structure - May 20
    Assess your reliance on any one employee, customer, or supplier. Develop strategies to reduce any over-reliance and decrease risk.
  • 8
    Week 8: Valuation Teeter-totter - May 27
    Maximize cash flow coming from day-to-day operations and create an action plan that increases cash flow while minimizing or eliminating stressful periods of low cash flow.
"I love The Value Builder System™ and working with my advisor, it’s been a great experience and has literally transformed the company."
Steven Henderson
CEO of Henderson Data Solutions
Your Investment

Big Returns on a Small Investment

This course pays for itself. A small investment of money and time will return dividends over many years of accelerated growth and a more valuable company in the future.
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